Arif Ullah, Web and Application Developer


Arif. An upbeat Web and Application Developer ready for every challenge.


Starting out in the mid-2000’s as a hobbyist Web Developer, Arif found passion in programming and building web-based applications at a large scale. Now his specialism, he loves building to a high standard with great attention to detail.

  • Self-confessed perfectionist when it comes to his work ethic.
  • Currently building his own software development brand, whenever he can get the time!
  • Admittedly, a bit of a workaholic—Arif relishes any opportunity to be productive.
  • A big gym-goer with a focus on keeping positive and healthy.
  • His hobbyhorse? Car detailing! Shampooing, claybar-ing, polishing, waxing, you name it, Arif gets that paint as shiny and reflective as possible.
  • There’s always more to discover - he’s enthusiastic about learning new things!
  • Certified for Amazon Web Services (AWS - cloud hosting).
  • Currently on a mission to try to learn British Sign Language (BSL).


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