Charlie Wilson | Account Manager

Charlie. An Account Manager advocating for client success.

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As part of our Account Team, Charlie ensures the smooth operation of our client accounts and spots opportunities for their continued success; that’s his bread and butter.

  • A big foodie, Charlie loves finding new local hot spots with a particular fondness for Bar Iberico. Who can blame him?
  • Deemed an extra from ‘Made in Chelsea’ but with a slightly less dramatic reality.
  • Hotshot rugby player, of the digital variety; he’s a 4x winner (champion!) of his Six Nations Fantasy Rugby competition.
  • Bibliophile? Academic? Or just a lover of a good story. Find him burrowed in a book pondering anything from Tolkien’s elves to Orwell’s dystopia.
  • We promise we don’t only employ F1 fans (ahem) but Charlie’s on a mission to visit all 23 F1 races. 5 down, 18 to go. That’s dedication.
  • Relishing in meeting new people, he’s something of an extrovert and loves making new acquaintances.
  • He’s forever heartbroken that he never had the opportunity to see (and hear) Bowie live. Long live Ziggy!
  • A blazer for every day and every occasion, Charlie has become the Colour Coordination King of Abstrakt.


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