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Content & Copywriting

Words that matter to your customer

When it comes to writing and word choice there’s a fine balance between SEO keywords and copy that speaks to your audience. As much as you want to talk about your product or service, it’s important to be relatable and use words to inspire potential customers to choose you over a competitor.

Content Marketing

We’re sure you’ve read plenty of articles calling out content as King and they’re not wrong, but more so, content is King for organic traffic. The more valuable and insightful content your website has, the more traffic from new users (and returning alike) will begin to use your website as a resource and generate leads.

In this day and age website users are savvy and can see a hard sell a mile off, so it’s important to build trust and credibility with your audience. If you share your knowledge, informatively and entertainingly, you’ll grow a community of brand advocates that have confidence in your brand.

Types of content marketing

  • Articles and insights
  • Email newsletters
  • Leaflets and brochures
  • White papers and guidelines
  • Points of sale and displays
  • Infographics
  • Video
Copy Blogs

Your website represents your business

Your website represents your business, your employees and your ethos. If your website copy and content is used to boost the credibility of your company and gain people’s trust but is confusing or unhelpful, you’re going to lose leads and promote doubt in your audience. It's incredibly important to write professionally whilst still speaking to both the head and the heart of your users.

Copy Social Media


Whether it’s online or offline copywriting, ensuring your brand’s tone of voice is maintained and key messaging isn’t lost is fundamental, but so is establishing personality and engaging your audience.

Creative flair and understanding the needs and desires of your audience makes for fluid, natural copy that speaks to them and their concerns.

Types of copywriting

  • Website copy
  • Campaigns
  • Social media posts
  • Competitions
  • Direct marketing and newsletters
  • Key messaging

SEO and organic traffic

We’re big advocates of building organic traffic at Abstrakt, so we always take our time to understand your audience and the keywords they’re using when they search. That way, we can seamlessly weave keywords into your copy and ensure your page headers hit the mark to rank in search engines too. Not to mention plenty of interesting and engaging content that makes new users want to return.


When it comes to writing copy and content for your brand, we like to get under the bonnet of your company to understand your goals and objectives, but get to know the brand as well as you do.

That way we can write copy that suits your brand’s tone of voice whilst still optimising your users journey with keywords and call to actions to drive leads for your business. Whether that’s a meeting with you, a chat on the phone or your brand guidelines and a brief, we can work with you to achieve copy that captivates.

Copy Tov

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