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Free website audit for SME's

Free website audit for SME's
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Update: Our free website audit offer has now expired but get in touch with us if you have any audit requirements or want to learn more about our website design and development.

When it comes to small businesses, we know that every penny counts when putting together your marketing strategy for the next financial year. That time is already upon us and whilst pulling together our own strategy, we thought we would lend a hand to other small businesses, that are trying to get the best out of their budgets too.

We’re offering a free website audit to SME’s.

That’s right. Free. There’s no real catch. Just the usual. The most you’ll need to do is give us your name, contact email and the website you need an audit for.

We’ll get in touch to let you know when you can expect the audit. A couple of days later, it’ll be in your inbox and you’ll have enough information to help you understand how your website is performing.

Our free website audit gives you insight into what you need to know about the performance of your site, to better prioritise your marketing objectives and goals.

Whether that’s building a more responsive website, creating a better user experience or considering more engaging content, our website audit will highlight the areas where your site falls down and where it performs highest.

We’re not just generating audits from free online tools either. Our in-house team of website developers and designers are looking at each site individually, and using their expertise to give the best advice.Our free audit covers 10 important areas:

  • Design and build
  • Security
  • User experience
  • Responsiveness
  • Site architecture
  • Content
  • Optimisation
  • Domain authority
  • Onsite SEO
  • Accessibility

Why are website audits important?

Your website might not be at optimum performance and it's possible that you haven't even realised. There are lots of different factors that lead to a bad user experience and poor conversions. It could be due to slow page speeds, hidden content, poor landing page designs, low traffic or a poorly optimised mobile experience, just to name a few! If your website isn't performing how a user expects it to, that's when we see high bounce rates and content not being found through our analytics. Not to mention a lack of leads.

If you're interested in receiving a free website audit for your SME website from our team, drop us a message.

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