13th September 2018

John Lewis & Partners reinforce the purpose of their brand

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Lauren Irwin

John Lewis Ad

John Lewis learned to speak to both the head and the heart of the decision maker

"For us, it’s personal." - John Lewis. And that’s the key.

John Lewis have a particular and practiced way of appealing to their consumers and users. They’ve mastered the art of storytelling and stopped relying on selling and marketing to simply tell truths instead.

We buy things because we want them to be part of our story and John Lewis have enabled us countless times, across a multitude of advertising campaigns, to do just that. They remind us about the kind of person we are - from individuals to parents to someone’s partner and even pet owners (#BusterTheBoxer).

The marketers and agencies behind the national campaigns have made John Lewis so easy for us all to relate to and they touch a range of audiences all at once.

And that’s why their latest campaign for their partners was an instant success by appealing to the head and heart. Not necessarily of just the person their products are aimed at (the users) but the consumers too - proving once again that they're committed to every customer.

When looking back at some of the key messages for campaigns over the last few years, it’s clear they’ve turned a corner from “never knowingly undersold” to a more engaging and certainly more empathetic relationship with their audience.

They're no longer just giving the gift of unbeatable prices but gifting quality of life too.

Their advertisements have become something we anticipate when the dark nights draw in. We want to be reminded of something special. We want to feel that satisfying pull at heartstrings.

I stepped out of the living room during the adverts between The Great British Bake Off to plate up some cake, only to return to my dad (67), of all people, tell me that I'd just missed a "spectacular" advertisement for John Lewis. A man who notoriously turns down the volume or channel hops through advertisements. They really do capture the hearts and imaginations of everyone. It was that good - he had to rewind it for me so I could share the experience with him too.

It's a clever campaign announcing the rebrand of John Lewis and Waitrose (to respectively John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners) and shows that the company are more than just employees, they're partners, and they reflect their commitment to going above and beyond for every customer.

I'll remember that advert. My dad certainly will and I have no doubt members of my immediate family will receive a gift wrapped by John Lewis this Christmas from him too.

Now imagine that reaction and reception across the scale of the nation - speak to both the head and the heart of the decision maker and you don't need to worry about the competition anymore - you've already won.

If you've missed John Lewis' latest campaign, watch it here...

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