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Mason Infotech

Mason Infotech
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Mason Infotech

Mason Infotech provide global telecoms knowledge and solutions with local service. They continuously develop their range of products and services to ensure they’re always offering their clients cutting edge IT managed solutions. As technology has changed, Mason Infotech has grown and developed with it, and they needed a website that would reflect their industry leading services in complete IT support solutions.

Mason Infotech

Making it easy for users

We reviewed Mason Infotech’s site architecture and site map so we could create the very best user experience when navigating the website. That meant re-architecting the core navigation as well as breaking the site down by each template and outlining page personas, goals and expected content. This made the experience for Mason Infotech’s content management team easier when writing content for the website itself too.

Mason Infotech

Bringing the brand forward

When it came to branding we developed Mason Infotech’s identity to reflect the growth of the company, which has helped to position them as a personable and expert team of specialists in the technology industry.

Their previous visual identity was dated and so we redesigned their logo as a simple word marquee - strong in its own right with no need for any visual gimmicks. The sturdy and geometric typeface gives a feeling of stability, echoing the companies experience and history.

We developed the triangle from Mason Infotech’s previous logo as an asset to bring a feeling of continuity and brand recognition. These assets indicate the forward motion and progression of the company and their technology.

Mason Infotech

Effectively communicating the brand

The previous website felt dated and clunky to use, so we opted for a clean website design that favoured white space and splashes of the colour used to represent Mason’s visual identity. Demin blue headers are complemented by berkeley gold design elements and call to actions directing the user around the website.

Photography is used sparingly throughout the site, opting for icons and clear, informative copy that builds trust and credibility with the user.

Mason Infotech

Powerful and smooth online experience

Technology is at the core of everything that Mason Infotech do, and so, the website needed to be fully optimised, responsive and offer a delightful experience to users with subtle animations.

We built the website on Craft CMS which enabled us to create a bespoke design but develop a website that is intuitive on the front end as much as it is in the backend. Craft CMS makes it easy for content managers to upload their own content, make quick and easy changes to their website, and even build their own pages from pre-developed modules.

Mason Infotech

“We came to Abstrakt with some trepidation. We hadn't managed to meet any of our digital goals to date! From our initial contact through to the finished web site Abstrakt have delivered with passion. Going beyond the original brief to assist with branding, image and help with our first real digital campaign. Excellent.”

- Stephen Mason, Managing Director, Mason Infotech

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