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Lauren Irwin

Branding, Design and Web Development

Specialists in smarter, stronger supply chains

Olympic have been helping the world's biggest electrical brands to create loyalty and deliver promises for over 50 years. They've created powerful processes, technologies and supply chain strategies that bring breakthrough benefits to the brands they support.

Having worked with the team at Olympic previously on their b2c ecommerce,, we were asked to review the Olympic brand and refresh the design and development of their website into something that would stand out from the crowd.


Sector leading technology

We developed a simple stand-alone wordmark for Olympic that screams efficiency and reliability. By utilising a non-mainstream font, the wordmark is original and visually unique. The font, a hybrid mix of a geometric and neo-grotesque, Capital takes the most robust and efficient aspects of both styles, such as the horizontal terminals and uniform contrast to convey a feeling of trustworthiness and honesty.

The result is a wordmark which has meaning and clarity without the need for any clichéd iconography. It is professional yet approachable and conveys an air of stability, efficiency and reliability, effectively communicating the essence of Olympics’ brand personality.


A fresh approach to logistics

When researching competitors and other supply chain and logistic companies, we found that the market was dominated with stock photography that felt forced and and didn't necessarily engage the audience. We designed something fresh and personalised to Olympic which showed their devotion, knowledge and expertise within the industry.

It was important to make the website more accessible and intuitive and add depth to each of the service offerings, to create an online presence that the team at Olympic could direct prospective clients to. We therefore created a user-centric site structure which places individual user personas at the very heart of each journey.

We developed an uplifting colour palette and a suite of bespoke illustrations to visually represent the smart, streamlined services that Olympic offer. Slick but subtle animation of these illustrations bring the pages to life and surprise and delight the user.


As smooth as their supply chain

We built the Olympic website on Craft CMS to ensure it was a seamless process for the Olympic team to content manage the site with ease. It also meant that we were building a site that could easily be scaled in the future as Olympic's service offering grows.

The website is responsive to all devices so that no matter where or on what device Olympic's prospect clients are viewing it, it'll always offer the best and slickest experience. Developing on Craft CMS also enabled us to add smooth animations to our bespoke illustrations to make the journey around the website more engaging and exploratory for the user.


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