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Optimising video content for social media

Optimising video content for social media
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Video marketing has taken the digital world by storm. A powerful, storytelling platform for your brands promotional campaigns, influential content and special offers. Social platforms are adapting and advancing everyday to become more user friendly for video content.

Video advertising is a powerful tool for brands to communicate with their customers by creating a strategic and purposeful video content, resulting in an increase in conversions and ROI. On Facebook alone, over 100 million hours of video are viewed every day!

Optimising video content for social media

The possibilities are pretty much endless for creating video content, from short GIF’s to in depth how to guides. They can be embedded into your website, blogs, uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, streamed live to capture an event, used within a business for employees or as a campaign for existing or potential clients, showing that you, as a brand, have personality.

The first ever video was uploaded to YouTube in April 2005 and now there’s a whopping 300 hours of video content uploaded every single minute and almost 5 billion videos are watched every day - with over half of those viewed from a mobile device.

With digital trends changing constantly and apps updating daily, its hard to keep up! We have compiled a list of 5 basic tips to create compelling video content for your business.


People are generally busy and constantly on the move, often flicking through social on the work commute or a quick work break. Which means it’s crucial to create your video content to accommodate viewings with no sound by simply adding subtitles to your video, you will capture a much bigger audience.

Grab Attention

Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram autoplay your video, if the video takes 5-10 seconds to get started people with often just flick straight through to the next video - missing your amazing content. Entice users in by creating striking, compelling content with clear visual messaging, compressed into short, fun, informative videos.


Video thumbnails let viewers see a quick snap of your video as they are browsing through social media, a little like a book cover. By choosing an eye-catching, attractive thumbnail and using simple, powerful text it will encourage users to click through and watch your video.


Research shows that videos with 2 mins or less have more engagement! Plan your video content carefully prior to creation to ensure you fit in everything in. Taking into consideration the amount of time each platform allows for your video - Instagram only allows 60 second clips whilst Facebook has a maximum of 2 hours!

Call To Action

Always ensure your video includes an intro, outro, logo and call to action. Once your video has been viewed, you want the viewer to either view more content or visit your website to find out more about your product / service. Be clear and enticing to give the viewer a journey.

Who got it right?

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39 million views on Youtube

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25 million views on YouTube

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30 million views on YouTube

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