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Price and Buckland

Price and Buckland
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Price and Buckland

Price & Buckland are a leading independent school uniform and sportswear supplier, who have a rich tradition and wealth of experience in delivering an exceptional clothing range and impeccable service. They excel in designing and producing garments that are tailored to each individual school and they needed a new website that would highlight their consultative approach, enhance their impressive reputation and distinguish audiences.

Price and Buckland

Creating inspiration

Price and Buckland were finding that parents were trying to use the old website as a means to make orders or enquires about garments. The old website was specifically aimed at schools but the content and journey for the user wasn't representing that wholly.

We worked with the marketing team to devise a split page that would separate the audience as schools and parents, to then send them on their own unique journey through the website. That meant the messaging would be correct for the user and they would have their own clear call to actions based on the audience.

Parents would be able to use a bespoke search tool to find their schools' online portal and schools would be introduced with a "brochure style" website for inspiration, insight and information on upcoming school trends.

Price and Buckland

Making schools stand out

After a creative workshop we set to designing a style that would break out of the mould from other uniform suppliers and give Price and Buckland a fresh and clean website that is easy to navigate. Darkening the blue tones associated with the brand, we were able to use blue and pink interchangeably for a bold call to action strategy site wide, making it easy for users to discover more content.

We used white space so the photography of the uniforms stood out and acted as a canvas to the imagery that Price and Buckland's in house design team created.

Price and Buckland

Quick and simple journeys

We developed the website on Craft CMS, as Price and Buckland's previous website was built on WordPress and they were having issues with security, site speed and content management. Craft CMS allows for quick customisation, content blocks for creating quick pages with ease and stability and security.

To make the user experience slicker, we introduced lazy load modules and images that ease onto the page as the user scrolls. Simple and smooth animations on call to actions and hovers add to the interactivity of the website to make it more intuitive for the user too.

Price and Buckland

A school finder for ease

To make it a simpler and more intuitive journey for parents, we introduced a school finder so a user can easily search for their child's school and find their dedicated online portal for uniforms. Price and Buckland provided us with a list of schools which we combined with Google's Geolocation API for latitude and longitude coordinates. We were then able to plug the data into Craft to render and populate a map to then direct the user to the correct online portal.

Price and Buckland

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