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The importance of a 301 redirect strategy

The importance of a 301 redirect strategy
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Protect your Website's Link Juice

301 Redirects for SEO

If not handled correctly, migrating your website from one domain to another or making significant changes to your sites content or structure, can result in a dramatic drop in search engine rankings.

This is because a large page ranking factor is the amount of authority or value passed to the page through backlinks from external sites. This value is referred to as ‘link juice’ or ‘link equity’. All backlinks help, but the higher the domain authority and relevance of the site linking to the page, the higher the link juice. Fundamentally this is because search engines see links as ‘votes’ by other websites that your page is trusted and valuable.

Digital marketers spend a lot of time and effort building quality backlinks from trusted and relevant sites for a reason. If you fail to implement proper redirects you will not only lose these backlinks, but any link juice your old pages had earned from them, and your organic traffic will fall. In addition, potential users who click on backlinks to your site will be served a 404 error - not a good user experience.

But there is a solution - 301 redirects. A 301 redirect is a server side, permanent redirect, which automatically sends users to a different URL from the one they typed into their browser, or selected from a search engine results page. 301 redirects indicate to search engines that the original page has moved permanently. They will therefore consider the ranking metrics (such as inbound links, page authority and trust) on a 301 redirected page to flow directly to the new URL. Correctly implemented 301 redirects pass between 90-99% of link juice so really are the cornerstone of best practice SEO.

As a performance driven agency, protecting our clients SEO performance during a site rebuild is absolutely vital and the implementation of a full 301 redirect strategy is a core component of our pre go-live activities.

If you are looking to rebuild your website and are looking for an agency that will protect your SEO value get in touch to speak to one of our team.

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