30th June 2020

We’re back! Fitter, healthier, more focused and hungrier than ever before! 

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Lauren Swarbrick

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15 weeks after we closed the studio doors indefinitely, today we’ve flung them back open! This morning team Abstrakt got together to reconnect, reflect on the last 4 months and map out our journey from here.

During lockdown we had to find new ways of working, in order to deliver on projects when we couldn’t be together, and fast! It is with enormous pride that I have watched the Abstrakt team step up to the challenge and not only survive but thrive.

From launching our own SaaS product, to branding the newest name in motorsports, re-architecting and designing a multi-million pound ecommerce (watch this space it's in development) to creating an experimental website for a highly conceptual challenger company (to name but a few), the Abstrakt team has continued to deliver exceptional work during lockdown.

The whole team has worked incredibly hard to ensure that Abstrakt came out of lockdown as strong (if not stronger) than we went in. Lockdown started at the end of our Q3, our best quarter on record. Thanks to the team's dedication, a loyal client base and a good pipeline of committed projects we managed to finish our Q4 in line with our projections, resulting in our strongest financial year to date.

We all know that 2020 has been tough, but there are still 6 months to go and I’ve not written it off! As lockdown eases and the economy shifts back into gear, so are we. As of Monday 6th July, we’ll be back in the city, all back together. We’re fitter, healthier, more focused and hungrier than ever before! We have a lot of plans for the rest of 2020 and we can’t wait to get cracking.

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