11th December 2017

We’ve taken a look at the design trends tipped to take 2018 by storm

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2017 was the year of Bespoke Illustrations, bold typography, courageous colour and smooth animation. We’re likely to see some of these trends remain throughout 2018, but some may well fade. At Abstrakt, we like to be ahead of the curve - trying to buck the trends and find our own place but of course, as designers and developers, we like to keep an eye on the trends of the coming year - so let's see what 2018 has in store for us…

Gradients or “colour transitions”

For sometime, a gradient was the go-to effect to give depth to a website - every button or hover utilised a gradient to make the item look clickable, but then flat design came along and we all shied away from gradients. We turned our backs on them and paved the way for flat buttons or better still, a key-lined, simple and understated look. Towards the end of this year, Abstrakt started experimenting with gradients, especially in web design, even animating them to add that extra depth. 2018 will see a rise in brands and designers delightfully welcoming back the gradient - we’ve always loved you really!!

Gradient Trend

Flat design is evolving too. That means we’ll see a rise in hero banners, login pages and call to action blocks becoming laden with colour. With brands like Apple and their update to iOS and big social players like Instagram adopting the bright gradient into their logo, we will begin to see a spike in the popularity of the gradient once again.

Patterns and Palettes that hint to the 80s and 90s

Netflix’s fantastic show, Stranger Things (Bob’s our hero by the way), has definitely brought us more than just nostalgic reflections of our youth, in terms of the music, retro gaming arcades and chopper bikes. We’ve all fallen back in love with the 80s dream of technicolour and electric hues.

1980S Pattern

With a movement away from flat design, we can expect to see a strong use of shapes, geometric patterns and colours throughout 2018. These styles will add a punch of personality to any branding, print or web design - but will they look outdated pretty quick, who knows, but because they remind us of a time where we all wore crazy shirts and patterned leggings, we have to embrace the trend while it lasts.

90S Style

Adding movement

Even more movement and animation will be seen throughout next year. The web is no longer a static medium, users expect to see some movement and interaction within a website. Here at Abstrakt, we’ve been discussing how a web page is no longer really a page (the page is dead!) We feel that a website should be an experience and a journey.

We’ve taken a look at the design trends tipped to take 2018 by storm

No longer do we navigate from page to page because each area of a website should seamlessly flow into another. As much as we talk about page relationships in IA and UX, we need to consider the feeling of moving around a site. Frankly, static loads are dull! Adding movement and animation between areas of a website makes for a much smoother and engaging experience. We intend to spend 2018 creating strong movements and animation that work across mobile and desktop, to enhance web experience.

We’ve taken a look at the design trends tipped to take 2018 by storm

Beautiful Serifs

Serif fonts will rise in popularity across web design. Towards the end of this year, we’ve seen a rise in the use of mixed typography. No longer are we sticking to one or two fonts, some websites boast the use of a fair few different font families. This can be tricky to master and achieve a look that isn’t muddled. We’ve found that pairing a simple sans serif with the odd condensed font works a dream, yet this year we did reintroduce a Serif onto our own website, and it seems the trend is here to stay. In 2018, we can expect to see many sites boasting a strong Serif font, using them as title elements, callouts, quotes and even within their logos.

Serif Fonts

Keeping it real

Customers and website visitors aren’t stupid, they can spot a cheesy stock image a mile off! 2018 will see a rise in brands and services becoming more authentic, looking to their agency to offer alternatives to those obvious, awks and over posed stock images.

Authentic Images

Let’s face it, we all hate that job of searching for the perfect, least stockiest of stock images to please our client. As designers, we are being challenged to help clients see the importance in having a bank of authentic, real and on brand images to work with throughout 2018.

Authentic Images 2

… so get in that studio or search for that perfect location for the realest of real photoshoots, your design will look better and above all, the brand will be better received by its audience.

Break that grid

A personal favourite of ours at Abstrakt! Be brave and break the grid! Okay, your developer may suffer a mild headache when crafting the site responsively, but I promise you, it's worth it!

As designers, we are always on the lookout for new and more interesting layouts, and this trend gives us the green light. I mean, let's not go crazy, the grid is there for a reason but this trend will see us get creative with text and image overlays, as well as images and call out blocks shifting across a gutter or two. This is all perfectly fine and it really adds that touch of experimental styling to your design.

Breaking Grid

We’ve had a great year here at Abstrakt, we’ve introduced some of last years trends across our digital and print design and we’ve also already started to work in some of 2018’s trends. How great is that? Keep an eye on the months to come, as we’ll be showcasing some of our work from the last year and announcing some great new projects we’ll be working on in the New Year.

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