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With the end of the year fast approaching, many marketers are starting to finalise their digital strategy for next year. Now's the time time to take stock of your current digital presence, to understand you're websites overall performance and to put in place plans to make it work harder for the business in 2018.

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If you’re considering a new website or looking to enhance your current one, the best place to start is to perform a website audit.

You might know you’re experiencing issues with your website or you might not be aware that your site could be performing better than it is. A website audit will give you the insight and understanding of where your website isn’t fulfilling its function.

As a small business ourselves, we know that every penny counts, and that budgets have to be justified. We are therefore offering a free website audit to local SME’s throughout December and January.  

Our free website audit will give you insight into what you need to know about the performance of your site, to better prioritise your marketing objectives and goals. Whether that’s building a more responsive website, creating a better user experience or considering more engaging content, our website audit will highlight the areas where your site falls down and where it performs highest.

Our free audit will cover 10 important areas

Design and build


User experience


Site architecture



Domain authority

Onsite SEO


Our audits are performed in house by our team

The team behind the audits

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Our audits are done manually by our team, so you can rest assured knowing that we’re looking at the individual performance of your website and usability.

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