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Brand positioning, identity development, packaging design and digital presence for America Farm, an independent producer of traditionally processed, artisan meat and dairy produce.

America Farm has an impressive reputation and a strong base of loyal, local customers, but was struggling to get listings in premium retail outlets due to the brand and packaging which did not stand up to the quality of the product.

In order to gain traction with new distribution channels and move the business onto the next stage of it’s life cycle the client recognised that they needed to reposition the brand to compete alongside premium manufacturers and to develop a new suite of packaging that was going to have shelf presence in store and that would appeal to a more discerning customer.

America Farm engaged Abstrakt to develop a brand proposition and position that more accurately represented the businesses proposition and USPs and to build the essential foundations needed to drive business growth; a high-end range of packaging and a strong initial digital presence.

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What we did

The Solution

In the very early stages we spent time at America Farm and got to know the Connor’s and their ethos. Adam and Dawn believe that the food they sell should be exactly the same as the food they serve on their own table; mouth-wateringly good and containing none of the bad stuff. We wanted the new brand to be rooted in this belief, the history of the farm and the story of the family.

All of America Farm’s produce is prepared and finished in their farm kitchen, every day, using traditional, honest techniques and top-quality British ingredients. It was important to us that this honesty, independence and oh-so British-ness came across in all brand touch points in order to connect the brand and its audience with the authenticity of the product. We worked hand in hand with Adam and Dawn to create a strong visual and verbal identity and a flexible and original design style that would work well across all materials, creating a strong brand story and 100% consistency. Our design covered all core brand elements from logo marque to ornament and every element echoed the love, care and attention that goes into the making of the produce.

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One of America Farms’ USPs is the shelf life of the product; due to it’s vacuum-pack packaging it far exceeds the shelf of other fresh produce - a massive selling point. Unfortunately the pack format was not aesthetically pleasing so we needed to create an exterior pack that fully concealed the internal packaging while still displaying the product. The resulting sleeve is both practical and visually appealing, creating a premium look and feel and high impact on shelf.

We also developed a ‘light touch’ digital presence for America Farm to give them consistency across channels.The remit was to give America Farm an initial starting point from which they could grow the online side of the business, so we focused on creating a beautiful, fully responsive splash page which tells the brand story, firmly positions America Farm as a top-quality, premium product and which delights and engages the consumer.

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In Numbers

The Result

The client has always been confident in the quality of the product and now has a brand to suit. The new brand and range of packaging opens opportunities for America Farm to approach both independents and national retailers that list local products in regional stores to gain new distribution channels and successfully scale the business.

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Kind words

"Before we met Abstrakt we had a great product but no real brand. We had recently been made an offer to sell our products under another company and were seriously considering it. The team at Abstrakt saw the potential in our business and gave us the confidence to remain independent and develop our own brand; one that stood up to the quality of our produce and that we could be proud of. Abstrakt has developed a brand and suite of packaging which stacks up against the best of the best and which takes our business to a whole new level. "

Adam Connor