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Blake Models wanted to refresh their current website and inject it with a new lease of life. Their online presence needed to reflect the company's reputation, as well as align themselves digitally with other premium modelling agencies. It was essential that their models were brought to the forefront and the digital space reflected their striking photography, in a beautiful and engaging gallery of images.


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Branding, Design, Development

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Malachite Palette


CMYK: 49 | 0 | 37 | 0
RGB: 125 | 215 | 183
HEX: #7bd7b7

Onix Palette


CMYK: 75 | 68 | 67 | 90
RGB: 0 | 0 | 0
HEX: #000000



Playfair Display - Regular

Font Playfair


Source Sans Pro - Extra Light

Font Source Sans
Blake Models Polaroids


Keeping up with trends

There was a strong connection with the current brand typography and Blake Models didn’t want to move too far away from an identity they’d built over the last 8 years. We found a sharper Serif that still worked with the current branding but gave it a fresher and more current look and feel.

When it came to colour, we wanted to ensure the photography of the models was the anchor of every page and the accent colours remained understated. We used black and white for its classic and elegant connotations and retained Blake Model’s green, which is synonymous with the brand but transitioned to a shade of mint based on our research to match fashion trends.

A fresh approach to online portfolios. 


Breaking the rules with Blake Models

The website needed to become the destination for people looking for a model as well as support Blake Model’s consultative approach. It had to allow a user to be able to create a shortlist of potential models, but contact Blake Model’s with their chosen list for more available talent and information; it was key that models weren’t simply booked online. We created a show off digital portfolio experience to allow the models to speak for themselves, and our smooth website functionality gives an intuitive yet delightful experience.

Blake Models Mobile

What the client says

"We love our new website! Only wish we had worked with Abstrakt sooner, they nailed it!"

Adam Blake - Owner - Blake Models