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A new direction in clinical trial design

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Pioneering a new direction

NorthWest EHealth are world leaders in electronic health record enabled clinical trials. They provide the pharmaceutical industry with an alternative approach to clinical trial design and management. They needed a comprehensive branding and digital strategy, and wanted the foundations and tools to proactively and efficiently support the marketing promotion of their business, as well as pursuing the next stage in their growth.


NorthWest EHealth



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Branding, Design, Development

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Colour Palette

Fuchsia Palette


CMYK: 25 | 100 | 0 | 0
RGB: 191 | 8 | 128
HEX: #c00880

Charcoal Palette


CMYK: 0 | 0 | 0 | 95
RGB: 43 | 43 | 43
HEX: #2b2b2b

Aqua Palette


CMYK: 90 | 0 | 52 | 0
RGB: 3 | 176 | 156
HEX: #03b09b

Tangerine Palette


CMYK: 0 | 75 | 95 | 0
RGB: 255 | 89 | 0
HEX: #ff5900

An injection of colour

We worked collaboratively with NWEH’s team to create an impactful visual and verbal identity and a design style that stood out in the current market.



Prometo medium

Font Prometo Medium

Digital Headlines

Prometo medium

Font Prometo Medium Lc


Soleto medium

Font Soleto Medium


Soleto light

Font Soleto Light
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Taking a different approach

We captured the company’s innovative personality and used bright, vibrant colours to reflect their alternative approach to clinical trials by moving away from their cold and impersonal colour palette.

Their logo marque was given an uplift and we added the dynamic and vivid hot pink to the brand’s asset so they stood out from the crowd and were easily identifiable.

Nweh Brand Book

Digital Design

Leading with innovation

Combing NWEH’s industry knowledge and our expertise in user-centric digital experiences, we created a robust and high performing digital presence that raised brand perception and drove engagement.

The newly considered intuitive sitemap and user flow enables website users to find the content that is relevant to them, which is echoed in a 62% increase in page views and a 41% increase in length of time spent on the website since launch.

Nweh Ipad

Working towards the future

NWEH’s website now works hard for their team and is a strong platform for the next stage of their marketing promotion and growth.

Nweh Mobiles

What the client says

"We are amazed at the hard work the Abstrakt team put into our brand refresh and new website - It really looks fantastic."

Rebecca Morris-Chippendale - Business Development Manager - NorthWest EHealth