Lauren Irwin | SEO Lead


Lauren. An SEO Lead with a penchant for semantics.

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With a background in film and media, Lauren transitioned into marketing, working both client and agency-side. She now heads up all things written word and strategy. Brand, content, SEO, analytics, you name it.

  • A big fan of the outdoors, Lauren loves walking, hiking and spending time with friends and family in the British countryside.
  • Described as a wordsmith by clients, she’s an avid writer in her own time, too and has an ongoing novel in the works.
  • Revels in any opportunity to travel with friends, family or solo, and would love to see more of the world.
  • Always uses data, research and a firm understanding of a markets audience to inform digital content.
  • She’s an amateur cook, a clumsy baker and a keen scrumper.
  • She enjoys decorating her house, creating handmade gifts, learning Spanish, and letting Spotify take the wheel.
  • Proud mum to a collie-cross-parson russel terrior called Moo.
  • She once watched all of the extended versions of Lord Of The Rings with commentary. Now that’s dedication.
  • Laidback, easy-going and known to ‘just get on with it.’
  • Avid watcher of Formula 1, Mercedes, let's goooooo!


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