Lauren Irwin | Brand and Digital Content Strategist


Lauren. A Marketing Manager with an infinite appetite for content.

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Marketing Manager by name, Jack of all trades by nature, Lauren’s experience comes from both in-house and agency roles.

A background in media, Lauren has amassed a multitude of skills across account, project and marketing management. She has a thorough understanding of in-house teams, their needs, obstacles and shortages in resources. As a conscientious marketer, her knowledge and understanding of behaviour informs progressive and unconventional strategies and integrated marketing campaigns.

Her relaxed and considered approach is a calming milieu throughout the studio, though she’s not short of sharp wit.A keen and proficient writer, she heads up any content creation and copywriting for our clients, as well as implementing day-to-day marketing and social media management, so she can keep a finger on the pulse with ever changing trends.

Find her guest articles for more resources on digital marketing trends at State of Digital.


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