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We create experiences with impact by elevating brands online.

An elevated digital brand identity will go beyond the standards expected of print. It unleashes a brand's online potential, creating better engagement, greater trust and an undisputed integrity that strengthens brand loyalty and online conversions.

Why is digital brand identity important?

A website is equivalent to a shop window and must strongly convey a brand’s identity. A logomark alone isn’t enough.

It’s not only about perception; it’s how a brand makes consumers feel and their emotive connection to the visual identity. How a website looks and how a user interacts with it can make or break a brand online. It’s time to connect your brand to people.

How do you elevate brands online?

Elevating a brand online is taking its guidelines and expanding them for the digital space with purposeful consideration, such as responsive logomarks, accessible colour palettes and typography, evolving brand elements or adding motion.

It means different things for different brands, but will elevate a brand digitally, strengthen its equity, boost recognition and promote loyalty with audiences

Don't just tell me. Show me.

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A brand’s logomark is its cornerstone and most memorable element. However, logomarks aren’t always designed for the digital space.

Sometimes, logomarks must be adapted to work responsively across different devices and screen sizes. This makes the logo more accessible, mobile-friendly, and often modernises without feeling too far removed.

When scaled down for a mobile screen, a very intricate logo will lose its detail and, with that, its recognition. This can lead to doubt from your audience over whether they are on the right website. Creating a digital logo that boosts clarity and credibility is integral to your brand equity.

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Colour Palette

Colour contrast provides depth and pace in design, but more importantly, it makes reading text on screen easier and accessible to all.


Typography can make or break a website if a user isn’t willing to read content because the font isn’t legible or is off-putting.

Brand Elements

It’s often the case that brands aren’t designed with supporting elements to amplify awareness and make them instantly recognisable across channels.


Bespoke illustrations are used in different ways to elevate brands in the digital space. They bring ideas to life, add expression or simplify more complex processes.

Illustration Examples Updated 2


Customised iconography is an easy visual cue to help consumers recognise concepts, remember key messages, and communicate services, solutions, or products more simply.


Motion invigorates brands with dynamic logos, moving illustrations or 3D elements, which step away from solely static experiences. It challenges the status quo.


SEO plays its own part in elevating brands online by improving visibility in search and growing brand awareness before a consumer even clicks.

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