Lucy Williams | Lead Digital Designer

Lucy. A problem-solving Lead Digital Designer.

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With two decades in digital design, you might say Lucy’s seen it all. From big brands to startups, she thrives from the challenge of creating uniquely instinctual online experiences.

  • For Lucy, there’s nothing more satisfying than troubleshooting user journeys and understanding how people use a website to give them the best digital experience.
  • Comfortable using both sides of the brain, Lucy balances UX thinking with beautiful creativity to design innovative and vibrant digital products.
  • Need help figuring out where to go on holiday? Ask Lucy. She only went and took an entire year to travel around the world.
  • Kindle reading, Studio Ghibli watching, epic print owning, tea drinking, biscuit badge wearing; Lucy is full of sunshine.
  • Best contestant never to appear on the Great British Bake Off. Apparently, bread is her kryptonite, but we’re yet to see proof.
  • Good vibes only; they’re catching. Lucy’s always sunnyside up, glass half full. Optimism at its finest. Sickening, right? Not really. She’s a big morale booster.
  • She has something of a green thumb; she’s the owner of one of the biggest monstera plants we’ve ever seen.


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