Mandy Whiting | Digital Project Manager


Mandy. A Digital Project Manager who goes above and beyond.

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For nearly a decade, Mandy’s worked in people management, design and front-end development and keeps the Abstrakt wheel turning, ensuring all projects are on time and budget.

  • Spreadsheets, task management and productivity, Mandy’s got a talent for effective planning and people management.
  • Crafting is her jam, and she just can’t get enough: from painting, scrapbooking, and loom art, you name it, Mandy’s got a project on.
  • Walking-talking sunshine, she’s full of warmth and always goes above and beyond to support the team and our clients.
  • Self-proclaimed cookie monster with an allegedly unending biscuit jar to prove it.
  • An avid lover of jigsaw puzzles, mummy podcasts and anything yellow
  • Loves spending time with friends and family
  • A total dog person with two pooches: Rory & Roxie


Mandy's highlights.
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