Marc Swarbrick | Co-Founder and Director


Marc. A Co-Founder and Director keeping the studio ticking.

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As Abstrakt’s Co-Founder, Marc’s meticulous nature provides epic attention to detail, keeping the studio admin and financials in-check.

  • A pedantic perfectionist with a pinch of procrastination.
  • A big fan of alliteration, if you didn’t spot that already.
  • Wannabe Masterchef, Marc likes to cook up a culinary storm and enjoy the fruits of his labour after. Just don’t ask him to wash up. It’s a no from me.
  • A DIY enthusiast, he’s keen to point out it sometimes translates as "Destroy It Yourself” but has spent the last year renovating his house to Scandi-perfection. The studio is up next...
  • Abstrakt’s roots are in brand and he’s an ardent follower of brand design—when it’s done well, not so much when it isn’t.
  • Often found on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon either watching procedural crime dramas or Formula 1 with a glass of wine and a plate of cheese.
  • Ex-skateboarder and at his happiest when he's riding any kind of board you care to throw under his feet, it’s easy to understand where Marc’s laidback attitude comes from, and his desire to get things right.


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