Marc Swarbrick | Creative Director


Marc. A Creative Director with a knack for brand.

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Marc Swarbrick


A perfectionist at heart, Marc’s meticulous methods breathe life into brands from initial conception in to reality.

Marc has been working in the creative industry for over twenty years and has a wealth of experience when it comes to brand. His fastidious approach to designing recognisable identities that display slick and clever nuances are second to none. He takes great pride in the team and as a co-founder of Abstrakt, is humbled to still see the business’s original values rooted in every member of the team.

As well as brand, Marc heads up all print design and is just as conscientious when ensuring the tactile end result is finished to perfection. His interest in the changing landscape of design, development and SEO are popular topics of conversation, and he puts a lot of time into keeping up with an industry that’s forever changing. Got a question? Marc's definitely got an answer.


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