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Rhys. A Developer with a passion for Front-end

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Starting as a Front-End Developer, Rhys then moved into WordPress before transitioning onto Craft CMS. He loves modular, well-organised code and mostly enjoys working with JavaScript.

  • Wild camping, exploration and only sometimes getting lost, Rhys loves all things bikes, especially bikepacking and bmxing.
  • He has an appetite for wanderlust, relishing travel, visiting new places, going on solo adventures and experiencing new cultures.
  • Keeping active is practically a religion with football, Muay Thai and Yoga.
  • Self-declared hippie and loving it.
  • Cares about environmental issues such as food waste and plastic recycling, especially rescuing food from entering the bin!
  • Some might say he has an eclectic taste in music but with a particular interest in electronic music.
  • Something of a green thumb, Rhys is an enthusiastic organic grower and enjoys nurturing vegetables, fruits and herbs in his home garden.


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