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Disclosure Report.

B Corp Certification Disclosure

Disclosure Questionnaire Category: Clients in Controversial Industries
Updated as of:

Abstrakt is currently applying for B Corp Certification and as part of the process, Certified B Corporations must complete a Disclosure Questionnaire to identify potential sensitive issues related to the company (e.g. historical fines, sanctions, material litigation or sensitive industry practices).

This component does not affect the companies score on the B Impact Assessment. If the company answers affirmatively to any items in the Disclosure Questionnaire and B Lab deems them to be material, the company must be transparent about the disclosure issues identified on the company's public B Impact Report.

Abstrakt Creative Ltd. has had involvement within the last five years in providing servives to companies in the following industries considered controversial by B Lab Global: Payday, Short Term, or High Interest Lending.

While products and sservices to clients in controversial industries could help mitigate potential negative impacts or serve only as commonplace goods and services for the companies, they also could have the potential to enable the growth of the industry and indirectly contribute to its negative impacts. Certified B Corps are required to make transparent their involvement in such industries.

Any party aware of the specific company practices that have had a negative impact related to its involvement in these or other controversial industries, and which may constitute a violation of the B Corp standards, may contact them via their public complaints procedure.