9th November 2017

How to achieve results with start up websites

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Lauren Swarbrick

How to achieve results with your startup website

As an agency we love nothing more than working with entrepreneurs and start ups. Their passion and enthusiasm is infectious and we love being a part of their growth story. However, we often find when it comes to working with small businesses, we cannot compete on cost, especially when it comes to web development projects. Not because we have a hugely expensive day rate, because we don’t. It’s because we know that we can’t achieve the results we want for our clients with just a few days work.

There are certainly many freelancers and small agencies who will produce a website for just a few thousand (or even a few hundred pounds), but in doing so, they are inevitably leaving aside much of the essential work that is fundamental for the development of a results oriented, conversion optimised, high performance, SEO friendly website.

Among the important things that often get omitted by developers offering sites at entry level price points are market research, analysis of site stats, content audits, persona development, information architecture, original design, custom build, performance optimisation and quality version control and deployment processes… the list goes on. Leave out a few of these things, and you can still have a website but unless you are really lucky, it’s unlikely to deliver results.

More often than not an entry level website project will consist of an off-the-shelf theme which is simply customised with your logo, colour scheme and content. This gives no consideration to your website users, their motivations, needs and how they will interact and engage with your content.

At Abstrakt, we are a results driven agency and every web development project we undertake is informed through in-depth research and analysis, information architected and designed from the ground up and is custom built. This means that projects take weeks, not days and the labour costs, tools and processes involved necessitate a higher minimum budget.

Obviously, not all businesses have large budgets, especially in the early stages but we would argue that a well thought through, well designed, performance optimised landing page, designed with your user in mind is a better temporary measure than a generic off-the-shelf theme.

As a small business ourselves we know that every penny counts and that the budget to meet your long term objectives isn’t always available from day 1. If you are a small but growing business, who wants a high performance digital presence, get in touch to discuss how we can help you achieve your goal using a phased approach, that builds on strong foundations without jettisoning any investment along the way.

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