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FarEye offers an intelligent delivery management platform to businesses and enterprises worldwide.

With a mission to make logistics more efficient, predictive and organised and offer end-to-end visibility throughout the entire delivery journey, FarEye helps businesses and brands to deliver faster, more efficiently and with greater visibility.

They approached Abstrakt about a website redesign to run simultaneously alongside repositioning their product offering and rebranding. We recommended developing with Craft CMS to provide FarEye with an intelligent and powerful marketing tool, not just a website.


As FarEye had a clear direction and concept for the website’s hierarchy, structure and several components, Abstrakt got right to designing the website interface and working with their team on a digital brand tool kit so that everything could move at pace alongside their repositioning and rebranding. It needed to feel more experiential with a trustworthy and reliable web design that didn’t lose its fresh and progressive look.

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The website has numerous templates and dynamic components, so making everything work seamlessly in Craft was vital. The site has become a powerful marketing tool, from relationship management between components and content to ensuring integrations such as HubSpot worked intelligently, and Ceros empowered content managers, all to meet FarEye’s business ambitions.

As FarEye is in over 30+ countries, with their biggest markets in India and the USA, it’s crucial that the site runs fast in different regions and the infrastructure can accommodate 2G, 3G and 4G, too. Ensuring the site was optimised for performance was therefore a must.

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Motion is the future of design to engage users and simply and quickly explain a service or product. We created JSON-based animations using LottieFiles that are much smaller than gifs (meaning less page weight) to swiftly and dynamically present FarEye’s offering on the homepage without needing to read the text and capture their audience’s attention sooner. The animation itself activates on page scroll and offers surprise and delight for desktop and mobile users, adding movement and interactivity to their digital experience.

Abstrakt was an excellent partner in, what was, a critical project for FarEye. Their collaboration enabled us to transform our digital presence alongside an overhaul of our brand, content and product positioning by delivering a complete marketing solution.

Abstrakt's expertise enabled them to deliver a beautiful site, but also with a key focus on the back-end functionality required to address the specific needs of our business and enable us to be successful for years to come.

Adam Kite - B2B Digital Marketing, Marketing Operations & Brand - FarEye

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