Great Customer Experiences and Lasting Partnerships

We are
a collective.

We don’t have egos at Abstrakt, but we do pride ourselves on working as
a collective. That means that we all work together: united.

Our Values

It's important to us to work with our clients, not for them.

We want to build partnerships and make lasting connections.

At Abstrakt, we adopted a different view when creating strategies, websites, and campaigns (all the good stuff) by always having long-term growth in mind, not just sales. That’s how we realised what mattered to us, to our clients and to their customers too.

Most agencies will tell you that their door is always open. What is actually important is what happens after and what truly matters is creating great customer experiences and building lasting partnerships.

That’s what we value as an agency.

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Marc At Work

Our Approach

It's about collaboration

When we approach a proposal or project, we ask a few simple questions which are often overlooked:

  1. What matters to the client?
  2. What matters to their customer?
  3. How can we help solve their problem and continue solving it for them too?

We take the time to understand our client’s objectives and requirements, but we’re not just yes men either. If we think you can do something better and exceed expectations then we’ll tell you, because making a difference counts.

No client or project is too big or too small. 

Delivering the best work

Abstrakt is an agile team and that allows us to focus on all of our clients; we don’t spotlight and we don’t boast favourites. We carefully consider everything we do and approach each project as a team. That way, our clients get the best out of everyone.

Everything we do is to achieve results and we’re focused on making businesses more profitable and brands more powerful.

We analyse, test, tweak, report and repeat.

We’re retrospective, too. That means we review every project we complete and take away key learnings - the good, the bad and the ugly. That is how we learn to be better for our clients and deliver the best possible work and customer experience.

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Our Team

Lauren Collection

Lauren Swarbrick

Meet Lauren. She’s the “Boss” but she became accustomed to our trolling quite quickly. She’s more savage then the rest of us now. Not really (please don’t fire me). Lauren’s actually the mum of our office. She looks after us all and keeps us going with a never ending supply of crumpets.

She’s a marketing expert and knows her stuff when it comes to all things branding. She’s a runner, a lover and a badass mofu--- lovely lady. She’ll be your first port of call as Account Director and she genuinely is as nice as she appears on first impression.

Lauren A
Lauren Photo
Lauren Swarbrick - Account DirectorWant to know more?
Marc Collection

Marc Swarbrick

Marc… or is it Cark? Who knows. As soon as the Scouse comes out, it’s all gibberish to us. He’s our Creative Director come branding whiz kid and he likes the occasional print brief too (written not boxers).

A perfectionist at heart and curiously OCD, Marc’s inventive branding breathes new life into any company’s direction. Rumour has it that he’s a retired Michelin star chef but we guess the proof is going to be in the pudding... when he eventually makes it.

Marc A
Marc Photo
Marc Swarbrick - Creative DirectorWant to know more?
Nikki Collection

Nikki Simpson

Nikki’s an experience… designer. She’ll know your customers and website users inside-out before she takes to creating intuitive sitemaps, ease-of-use navigations and stellar website designs, that you can’t help but visit and visit again.

She’s our very own Disney (Tomboy) Princess, a Gryffindor (bet she’d be a Lannister) and all around morale booster. We’ve seen her nude… modelling and don’t ask her what happens when the tequila comes out. She’s a superstar and if the SONOS ever cuts out, she’s our very own stereo speaker (she can even go full surround sound).

Nikki A
Nikki Photo
Nikki Simpson - Lead Digital DesignerWant to know more?
Jamie Collection

Jamie Jenkins

Jamie’s our dark horse. He’s constantly knocking websites out of the park and amazing us with his incredible front-end development; the Mr. Miyagi of Craft CMS.

He didn’t know what Grange Hill was and he only eats beige food, but despite being the mere age of twenty-two, he’s got more sense than most of us. Don’t let his age or lack of knowledge on 90’s pop culture fool you, his coding is second to none and he’s a developer with an eye for design.

Jamie A
Me Berlin Updated
Jamie Jenkins - Head of DevelopmentWant to know more?
Lauren Og Collection

Lauren Irwin

Well known for introducing herself as “Also Lauren”, OG (the Original Gangster) is the Disney Villain to Nikki’s Princess. The Slytherin to her Gryffindor. She cracks the whip behind the studio (No, really. She has an app for it) and creates stellar marketing campaigns for us and our clients.

She’ll tell you she “writes good”, but she has a certain way with words that has her heading up our content writing too. Now she’s questioning why she’s writing her own bio in third person. Hello, it’s me! Fourth wall break, naughty.

Lauren Og A
Lauren Og Photo
Lauren Irwin - Campaign Marketing ManagerWant to know more?
Jimi Collelection

Jimi Struselis

Jimvincible. Need we say more? Don’t let his monochrome living fool you. Oh no. Jimi is a problem solver and despite his occasional outbursts (S@!!*t) he builds incredible, practical solutions and he’s our walking-talking pun master too.

Self-proclaimed sci-fi nerd, model builder-painter Picasso, and musician. Who said programmers weren’t creative? Not us.

Jimi A
Jimi Photo
Jimi Struselis - Application SpecialistWant to know more?


Are you looking for a new challenge?

We’re here to create difference within businesses whether they’re big corporates or small independents. We’re a team that’s innovative, always trying our best and one that never stops questioning and challenging the status quo. We do serious work, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Sound like you? Good. We’ve been waiting for you.

At the moment we’re only on the lookout for a Junior Developer, but that doesn't mean we don’t want to hear from you and about your killer talents. Feel free to submit your CV or portfolio and we’ll be sure to get in touch if there’s a role we think you’d be perfect for.

Current opportunities

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Junior Developer


Love web development? Want to get your hands on some epic designs to convert to dynamic web pages? Oh, and work with a team of creatives that genuinely want to help support you in levelling up in your career? Was that a yes? Then we have an exciting opportunity for an ambitious and progressive junior developer. The person that comes on board will report to our Head of Development and will be responsible for assisting with the delivery of a wide range of digital projects.


  • Converting flat PSD’s into dynamic web pages
  • Creating responsive websites (mobile first approach)
  • Creating responsive HTML emails


  • Demonstrable ability to produce semantic, clean, and responsive HTML, CSS, JS and PHP
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Extremely high attention to detail
  • Good knowledge of web standards, responsive design and cross-browser compatibility
  • Desire to learn and implement the latest technologies
  • The ability to work on own initiative
  • A positive and can-do attitude
  • Personable, sociable and collaborative
  • 2 years agency experience

In addition to the above core requirements the below experience would also be advantageous:

  • Experience with Craft CMS (or any other Twig driven CMS)
  • Experience with Git and version control workflow
  • Experience with build tool(s) such as Grunt, Gulp or Webpack
  • Understanding of web server architecture
  • Understanding of on-site SEO best practice
  • Understanding of performance optimisation best practice
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