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Annual client questionnaire 2023 results

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Over the last year and a half, we’ve worked on a new proposition and strategy for Abstrakt.

We’ve just launched our new website to reflect this, focusing on creating websites with purpose that elevate our client’s brands online.

Throughout the process, we’ve reviewed previous questionnaires and had in-depth discussions with our clients to understand what we do best and how we can better support them in the future.

Client satisfaction is our core KPI. I am delighted that our NPS for 2023 is 92, against an industry average of 53*!

*Source: Retently 2023 NPS Benchmarks for B2B

Lauren Swarbrick, Managing Director

It’s been transformative for us as a business and team, and we’ve been communicating these changes to our clients over the past year— adapting how we work, changing our strategy and specialising in what we’re best at; great-looking, hardworking websites that elevate brands and their customer's experiences of them online.

Understanding pain points, frustrations, and any mistakes we make along the way is important to understand how to do better.

That’s why we send a questionnaire at the end of each year so Abstrakt’s clients can anonymously give feedback. It helps us tighten our processes and see where we’re falling short and where we’re doing well.

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Lauren Irwin

Lauren is an SEO Lead specialising in SXO and optimising websites for user and search. In a nutshell, she makes websites work hard to be found.

She has specialist knowledge in digital brands and SXO.

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