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We're officially a Craft Verified Partner!

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We're excited to announce that we've had our Craft Partner status upgraded! We've levelled up from Official to Verified and are 1 of only 3 agencies in the UK and 1 of only 17 globally to achieve verification. Cool, right?

... but what does that mean exactly, eh? Well, verification recognises our team's knowledge, experience and expertise in Craft development. It proves that we specialise in Craft and differentiates us, and demonstrates our higher-level of Craft development and proficiency.

To be eligible and become a Craft Verified Partner, you must first become a Craft Partner and meet the requirements to do so. After, it’s possible to apply for Verified status and to do that, we had to submit projects for Pixel & Tonic to assess our code, provide client references, have a minimum number of full-time developers and meet a minimum amount of professional Craft hours (2000 to be exact!)

Being named by Pixel and Tonic, the makers of Craft CMS, as one of the leading Craft development agencies in the world, is a tremendous achievement and we couldn’t be more proud of where we are and excited about what comes next.

With numerous Craft CMS and Craft Commerce sites currently in our studio, we have a busy and exciting year ahead. We can’t wait to kick off 2020!

Interested in learning more about Craft? I’ll be joining the team, including Makermet and Kind, at Craftin’ Notts for all lovers and advocates of a better CMS experience. You’ll be able to join us on Tuesday 22nd January, so save the date as there’ll be more to be announced.

Jamie Article

Jamie Jenkins

Jamie leads the charge of introducing new technologies and advancing our skills with Craft CMS and commerce to create performant websites.

He has specialist knowledge in Craft CMS and third-party integrations.

Connect on LinkedIn.

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