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Aganto is one of the UK's most experienced and trusted temporary building suppliers.

As specialists in temporary buildings, Aganto is committed to delivering top-class customer service, from the first interaction to the final installation and beyond. Their website wasn’t working hard for them and didn’t reflect their dedication to ensuring superior service, demonstrate the quality of their temporary buildings, or their ongoing support.

They appointed Abstrakt as their digital partner to elevate their brand in the digital space, improve user experience, modernise the web design and move them from WordPress to Craft CMS for a more intuitive, seamless experience as content marketers.


Initially, we ran a workshop with the core Aganto team to understand their audience, market perception, brand awareness and current website pain points. We identified their business objectives and KPIs and left with a thorough understanding of who Aganto is, what they offer and how it should be perceived.

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The website was hard to navigate, with many product pages hidden beneath too many clicks. Pages had been created over time, leading to keyword cannibalisation and an all-around confusing user journey. We rearchitected the site structure backed by data on how users were interacting with the website, competitor analysis, and considering technical SEO to ensure URL structure supported search and user experience too.


We found a lot of keyword cannibalisation due to multiple similar pages across the website and traffic being driven to the blog, with little interaction and high bounce rates. By rearchitecting the URL structure and slimming down the site’s footprint, we could focus keywords and move rank to product pages instead, based on performative keyword terms. Alongside a new SEO strategy to protect the current rank and optimise for new keywords, we performed a 301 migration to support maintaining and protecting rank and a smooth user journey from external links.

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It was important to bring Aganto’s digital presence up to web standards and best practices. This meant adapting the logo to work digitally, making it more accessible across devices with the same treatment for the colour palette and typography, too.

This allowed us to build upon the digital brand identity with custom iconography, illustrations and design elements that levelled up the brand. Every component on every page is considered part of the user's journey to make it easier and more intuitive to arrive at relevant content to drive engagement and conversions.

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We introduced animation elements for surprise and delight as the user moves through the website. Using Lottie files allows us to keep load times short, not affecting page speeds but adding an element of polish and quality to establish Aganto’s superior service further.


The website was built using Craft CMS, and as we design bespoke, we built from scratch too. This means we could ensure the site was lean to support the added weight from tracking scripts such as HubSpot and Google Tag Manager.

We created an intuitive backend so that content managers could easily update the content themselves, add imagery, build new product and landing pages, and have the autonomy to use the website as a hardworking marketing tool.

Throughout the site, subtle animations and hover effects are added for an extra level of polish and interaction to offer a smoother and more responsive experience alongside accessibility.

From our initial scoping session, the whole process was seamless. The Abstrakt team understood our objectives and created an exceptional new website, complete with a new brand identity currently being rolled out across the company. I see them as part of our team and look forward to continuing our digital journey with them in the future.

Jonathan Eate - Marketing Manager, Aganto

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