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The UK’s industry-leading supplier of bricks and building materials.

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Brickability needed to consolidate 11 businesses from their Brick and Building Materials division into a single domain and website offering.

It was a complex proposition that required ensuring each business had an equal share of the pie while creating a smooth user journey. 

Elevating the brand digitally, we created a seamless aesthetic to suit each business, so the journey felt smooth, moving between a business and Brickability’s overall site. Due to multiple companies on one site, we had to establish a robust CTA strategy to guarantee leads for each business, especially for returning customers. One of the biggest challenges was designing a user-friendly and easy-to-manage Brick Finder tool.

Alongside this, we developed a solid and tactical SEO strategy to maintain and improve traffic and leads, successfully migrating each business to preserve rank. 

Brickability Homepage Before Update
Brickability Homepage After Update



Brickability homepage design alongside brick architecture
Brickability Project page on laptop
Brickability webpage design alongside brick architecture
Islington Wharf Brickability project using Facing Brick
Brickability brick finder phone mockup alongside brick architecture
Brickability project slider on phone device
Brickability product webpage Moving Image 1
Brickability Homepage Moving Image 2

The results


Increase in website users


Increase in organic traffic.


Increase in engaged sessions.


Increase in leads MoM.

"We’ve worked with Abstrakt on several projects and, as a business, see them as our digital partner.

This was a complex project with a need for a deep understanding of our businesses and strategy going forward. Abstrakt supported us at each step, identifying potential issues and simplifying an elaborate user journey and call-to-action strategy. They worked with us to elevate the brand digitally, designed a more streamlined brick finder, and developed an SEO strategy that is working hard for us organically."

Bethany Moss | Marketing Manager | Brickability Group PLC

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