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Bright Beany supports small businesses with better financial decisions, assists their growth and helps them become more profitable and more productive.

An extension of a business’s team, Bright Beany is an accountancy practice that offers something different. They care about helping and empowering small businesses to achieve their definition of success.

They employed Abstrakt to create a brand identity that represented the business and team expertise and reflected their personable, hands-on approach to supporting people who want to grow their business.

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Workshops are critical for divulging as much information about a business as possible and are a proven means for understanding where our clients want their brand to be. In an interactive and collaborative session, we understood Bright Beany’s current situation, the market landscape, the core proposition, and how the brand needed to be perceived outwardly in order to create a brand that represented Bright Beany and spoke to its audience.

It was clear that there was a vision as to where the brand needed to be and working with the Bright Beany team, their enthusiasm and personable nature shone through which we later emphasised in both verbal and visual identity.


It was important to Bright Beany that their verbal identity was open, friendly and personable, and would feel like they represented an extension of a business’s team. Human and familiar and understanding of the stress and pressures that come with a business’s financial situation, Bright Beany puts the jargon down and makes sure everything is clear and easy to understand for its clients.

We wrote their brand definition from the ground up—forming their brand story, proposition, core message and values to create language and messaging that speaks to its audiences and ensures they feel comfortable and confident working with Bright Beany.

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After we’ve written a verbal identity that portrays the brand, we set to work on conceptual brand ideas, drawing on the workshop and brand language to seamlessly create a strong and striking visual representation of the brand. For Bright Beany, we came up with two different visual concepts with an alternative look and feel.

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The logo mark is an abstract representation of both the “B” for Bright Beany and a subtle nod to the shape of a bean, with the name having originally come from the concept of a “bean counter.” As part of the logo suite, the sans serif word and logo mark can be combined for an open, friendly and simple logo that signals the brand concept.

When it comes to typography and colour, the Outfit Font Family portrays a simple, clean, and visually elegant type to promote trust, and the colour palette promotes a calming, balanced and energised feel characteristic of the brand and team personality.

We chose to incorporate elements of illustration so as the brand and business progress, photography doesn’t need to be heavily relied upon when clear and bespoke illustrations can demonstrate services. The end result is a strong and recognisable brand that effectively communicates the essence of the brand’s personality and vision for the business and demonstrates its values, which will resonate with and engage all of Bright Beany’s identified audiences.

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It was a pleasure to work with Lauren and the team on creating my brand. They did a fantastic job of creating my brand definition and visual identity through their detailed workshops and iterative feedback process. I am looking forward to working with them again on future projects.

Max Polkey - Director & Owner - Bright Beany

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