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B Corp digital sustainability health check

1 min read

Digital Sustainability Health Check

The digital advertising industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. This is both a tragedy and an opportunity!

As part of our journey to better business, we’re offering our fellow B Corp businesses a free, no commitment, digital sustainability health check for their website during B Corp month 2024.

As a web design and development agency, we want to leave the web better than we found it. Every website produces carbon; we’re measuring it, actively reducing it, spreading the word and encouraging action.

Website carbon footprint

Are you interested in learning more about digital sustainability and how your website scores?

This health check will tell you:

  • Why sustainable web design is important

  • What a low carbon website means

  • Your website’s benchmark and homepage carbon rating

  • Top tips to make your website more sustainable

"Together, we can create a more accessible and inclusive web.

Sustainable websites have wider benefits beyond just the planet's impact. For our clients, these fast-loading websites can mean higher rankings, increased conversions and a more inclusive experience for all"

Lucy Williams | Digital Design Lead & Sustainability Champion

Sustainabilty experts

How to get your free health check

Be first in line and make the first steps on a greener, more responsible digital journey!

Please email our sustainability experts to get your free health check (limited availability) with your name, business, website URL, along with confirmation of your B Corp certification.

Lauren Article

Lauren Swarbrick

Lauren has decades of experience forming authentic client partnerships and has a genuine desire to create better agency-client relationships.

She has specialist knowledge in digital strategy and digital branding.

Connect on LinkedIn.

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