22nd March 2022

Annual client questionnaire 2021 | the results

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Lauren Irwin

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It’s been a funny couple of years and we’ve seen significant change with many businesses looking to forge ahead with their digital transformation—and I don’t think that will come as a surprise to anyone, given the rapid need to have a digital presence over the last few years.

More encouragingly, we’ve seen a massive shift in businesses looking to improve their customer experience and overall brand advocacy. Less has become more, appreciation for customer pain points has been adopted and brand identity is a key factor to acquisition (and retention).

We’ve continued our own approach to understanding our client pain points by sending out our annual client questionnaire. It’s an opportunity to give feedback anonymously and share any difficulties, improvements and highlights—all of which we share team-wide so we can understand how to improve our client experience across all of our services.

Continuing partnerships and new clients alike (some we’re yet to meet in person!) we welcome any and all feedback to continue to maintain our level of quality, attention to detail and always doing our best to exceed expectations.

Take a look at the results of our client questionnaire for work carried out in 2021…

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