19th February 2019

Introducing Jamie Robinson, our epic new hire

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Just as iconic as the Bat-Signal (ahem…) we shone our A at dusk beckoning a talented designer to join the team at Abstrakt. Lo and behold Jamie answered our call and now we’re here to introduce you…

Jamie Robinson New Team Memeber

Jamie has a wealth of experience as a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for illustration, combining a keen eye for detail and an exceptional skill for coupling pen with digital and traditional design. An ability to take an idea and run with it, Jamie has the understanding and background to push our client’s ideas to the next level.

Take a look at some of Jamie's work....

Jamie Robinson Illustration Work

We make it our business at Abstrakt to always keep ahead of design and development trends. Illustration is set to move on in leaps and bounds across the digital space over the next few years, with bright colours and simple shapes, distinctive and unique brand collections (think MailChimp and Craft CMS), and the quirky and abstract all set to shake up the norm.

Companies are looking to bring elements of playfulness and uniqueness to their brand and are inching toward illustrative styles to set them apart from their competitors. The bespoke approach to illustration adds a layer of brand language that’s made visual through the organic fluidity of design, bringing forth brand personality and humanising a brand’s online presence.

Jamie arrived to do just that - recognise opportunities where brands can envision a surge of fresh vitality to illustrate (pun intended) their USPs and their customer's attitudes toward them, both digitally and through traditional channels such as print.

Interested in switching things up and getting a head of the competition?

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