17th December 2020

Jamie's top-notch design inspiration #4

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I think it’s fair to say that 2020 has been a year like no other. If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling emotionally drained and frustrated by the lack of anything to do or plan for. We’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel fulfilled.

Whether it’s planning your next holiday, having a bevvy down the pub with your mates or visiting your grandparents and listening to them talk about the good ol’ days. But whilst we wait for that little bit of light at the end of what seems like an infinite tunnel, let me inject you with something other than the COVID vaccine; a simple but much-needed dose of vibrant colour to brighten up your day.

I've been looking at my favourite (top-notch) design inspiration over the last few months. New to the series? You'll find volume one on vegetarian and vegan packaging design, two full of bespoke illustration, and three for food, glorious food, but now it's time to take a look at how colour can step up your branding game.

BB 1
BB 2
BB 3
BB 4

Teaming up with Jones Knowles Ritchie, Bloom and Blossom have elevated their day-time and night-time products with a brand refresh. It’s all about balance - playful, but hardworking; bonkers, but beautiful. Born when sisters-in-law Julia and Christina noticed a lack of natural skincare products for not just themselves, but their little ones.

Amplify 1
Amplify 2
Amplify 3
Amplify 4

As the low and no alcohol market continues to grow drinkers increasingly look for alternatives. Whilst most of these alternatives behave like a compromise, it was Elmwood’s ambition to create a brand that is all about making the most of the moment - accentuating your senses instead of dulling them with alcohol. The label features a hand-drawn brand marque and a stunning, vibrant textured canvas that reflects excitement and energy.

Pluto 1
Pluto 2
Pluto 3
Pluto 4

I must admit, this rebrand by DixonBaxi slipped under my radar until about a month ago. With a premium looking logo with angular cuts and a vibrant ‘retro-future’ colour palette, the new PlutoTV brand is designed for instant recognition. It’s bold, brave and weird in the best way.

Senser 1
Senser 2
Jamie's top-notch design inspiration #4

Another range of non-alcoholic spirits?! I think Google is trying to tell me something. ‘Senser Spirits’ designed by Magpie Studios is purposefully designed to lift your mood without clouding your mind. Beyond the central idea of spirit animals, the theme of mood elevation continues throughout the packaging. From illustrated portals and dolphins to dancing bears, this is a drink will certainly make you smile as you pour.

Do you need help injecting a boost of a simple but much-needed dose of vibrant colour to brighten up your brand? Get in touch to a chat with our team about how we can level up your brand visuals.

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