17th January 2018

Why you're on Abstrakt's client wish list...

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Lauren Irwin

Client Satisfaction Hero

As Marketers, the tactics, platforms and marketing activities we use to reach our customers in a digital world are ever changing. It’s agile and fast-paced, we’re constantly on the move and shifting our strategy from one model to the next. Marketers are no longer speaking to a customer through one means, we’ve all had to embrace an integrated and multi-screen approach to keep up.

However, the strategy for reaching people who make decisions with their hearts and not their heads remains the same.

We don’t have egos at Abstrakt but we do pride ourselves on working as a collective. We don’t have an internal hierarchy either. We work together and we work with our clients, not for them. No project or client is too small or too big - what is important to us, is how much of difference we can create.

When we approach a proposal or project, we ask two simple questions which often go overlooked. What matters to the client? and How can we help solve their problem and continue solving it?

We’re not disingenuous and we’re not in the market of taking shortcuts. Quick wins work, sometimes. At Abstrakt, we adopted a different view by creating strategies, websites, campaigns (all the good stuff) with long-term growth in mind and not just sales. That’s when we found what mattered, to us, to our clients and to their customers too.

Most agencies will tell you that their door is always open. What is actually important, is what happens after their door has been opened. And what truly matters, is creating great customer experiences and building partnerships.

That’s what we value as an agency.

It’s how we, as a collective, can create an impact and be of significance to our client’s business.

That is why we ask our clients how we’re performing - how well are we meeting their needs? How can we be better for them and could we be doing more? We don’t want to become inattentive, unreliable or encourage negative reactions. We’re retrospective because the more we review our performance, the more we can look-ahead and matter.

Don’t believe us? It’s understandable. There are a lot of agencies that boast a two-way appreciation between themselves and their clients. The proof is in the pudding, after all… but don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve put together the results from a client satisfaction survey we ran in December 2017, to see what our clients had to say about Abstrakt.

If you’re not just looking to be another logo on an agency portfolio and want to matter, want to experience an agency that genuinely cares about your brand and your projects as much as you do, then get in touch with us.

... because if you want to create and matter to your own customers, then you’re already on our wish list.

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