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Taylor Maxwell

An industry-leading supplier of facade and timber to the construction industry.

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Migrating Taylor Maxwell to Craft CMS in 2017, they recently identified a need for a website refresh, modernising the look and feel, and reviewing the user experience and site architecture to develop a more intuitive user journey for their audiences.

We rearchitected the website to fully submerse their addition of timber, range of audiences and create a strong presence for the group overall. The outcome is a journey that whilst separate, remains unified and works harmoniously for users and search.

01 Taylor Maxwell website navigation
02 Taylor Maxwell mobile webpage
03 Taylor Maxwell Timber webpage
04 Taylor Maxwell facades parallax
05 Taylor Maxwell web design on device mockups
06 Taylor Maxwell Facing brick product page on phone
06 Taylor Maxwell brick finder results page
07 Taylor Maxwell product selector component
08 Taylor Maxwell mix of webpage designs
09 Taylor Maxwell homepage Moving Image 1
09 Taylor Maxwell homepage Moving Image 2
10 Taylor Maxwell mobile designs
11 Taylor Maxwell product and project pages
11 Taylor Maxwell facades webpage on imac

A note from our client

Abstrakt are always interested to understand more about our business and keen to find ways to help drive us forward. Our new website now works for all of our different customers thanks to their thoughtful and strategic design and development.

Bethany Moss | Marketing Manager | Taylor Maxwell

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