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Brand is where it all began at Abstrakt and we understand the value and importance of sticking to your roots. We keep branding at the heart of our services.

Exceptional brands can shape a culture and first impressions are key. A visual identity reflects how your business is perceived and that should be unique. A successful brand shouldn’t just encompass the company’s values but align with its customers values too.

Our experience and expertise enables us to create brands that thrive. Don’t leave your brand behind and harness the power of brand and visual identity to set your business apart instead, whilst showcasing your values and unique selling points.

Branding services

Brand is a business's voice, so we stay true to its values. Check out our branding services.


Brand Workshops

Our interactive workshops allow us to understand your business goals, beliefs, its purpose, vision and values. We’ll get under the hood of your brand and pick out the key pillars that form it, as well as harnessing your brand’s unique selling points and unpicking your knowledge and wisdom when it comes to both your audience and industry. The workshop is for us, as a team, to thoroughly understand your business to put our best foot forward with the brand.

Brand Definition

It’s hard to truly define your brand identity when you’re so close to it and we’re not talking visual here. Brand definition is forming integral individuality and character behind a business. We develop identities that resonate and engage target audiences, from forming a brand story to its key principles, its personality and its brand promise, the definition of the brand is essential in building trust with audiences.

Visual Identity

Unlike brand definition, visual identity is the visible elements of the brand that distinguishes businesses from others. It gives a business personality and often signifies how people feel toward a brand. It forms brand perception and creates an overall design framework including iconography, typography, colour palettes and graphic elements. As well as naming, it’s the creation of a logomark/wordmark that demonstrates the definition of the brand.

Tone of Voice

A tone of voice creates a strong and clear verbal identity and language style for a brand. By demonstrating brand pillars, values and integrity to maintain the brand values, TOV determines personality and voice and how messaging is communicated externally to audiences and partners. Providing focus keywords and blacklist words, it proves an easy and demonstrable guide for employees to follow to maintain the brand.

Brand Guidelines

Every business should have brand guidelines to use internally and with partners. Guidelines train teams how to outwardly use and interact with a brand. It keeps a brand identity and tone of voice in line, for all channels, both digitally and offline. Employees can rest assured that they’re maintaining a positive brand image with quality control, as well as translating a brand across designs with an overall framework to work from.

We create brands that mean something to your target audience

Shape culture, define values, engage audiences and form a brand identity, both visually and in definition, that sets your business apart. Find out more about how we can help you achieve real results and successful brand positioning - fill out our form and a member of the team will be in touch.

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