17th July 2018

Bringing a digital brand into the physical space

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Nikki Taylor

Brand In The Physical Space

Thinking about the experience customers will have even as they open the door changes perceptions and how customers feel about what you do, when they know that you care.

Over the last 8 months we've seen huge changes here at Abstrakt. We levelled up by moving to an amazing new creative space, took on a number of new clients, hired two studio doggos, rebranded and repositioned ourselves digitally.

What exactly does brand have to do with it? While going through the usual painstaking process of rebranding, we decided to throw the rulebook out of the window and NOT give ourselves a fixed logo, so to speak...

Instead, we created an ever moving, ever changing piece of art that represents us as individuals, highlights internal (and external) news or popular culture and all things design.



We've had a great deal of fun producing a number of different versions of our brand digitally but the designer in me wanted to take it that one step further...

Watch out for splinters

Faced with an empty studio space and a new brand to play with, it empowered me to get crafting and spending weekends hand building a giant Abstrakt A for our studio space.

Progress 1

A number of hours were spent with the kind help of my partner's Father; together we produced a wooden framework for what would soon become a giant brand and light installation.

A number of power tools that I definitely can't name came out to play and I began to learn some new skills. A rotary tool called a Dremel became a fast favourite of mine with a number of different attachments and settings, you can literally punch a hole in anything.

Progress 2

Just call me Banksy

Armed with numerous cans of spray paint my Brother-in-Law and I took to adding that something extra to the framework. On the hottest Sunday of the year we channelled Banksy and painted up a storm.

Progress 3

Grab your sunglasses

The very final step was to add the extremely bright LED bulbs and when I say bright I mean it! When they're shining and reflecting off of the backdrop of gold, it's tough to look directly at them. Thankfully the studio space is large enough to not permanently blind anyone sitting close by.


Going the extra mile

Crafting the A was not only a great way to learn a new skill, but for me it was a much bigger goal to add an extra layer to our brand and the experience when visitors come to our studio. As soon as you enter our space you're given a clue about our vibe and what to expect from the team. You know that the we care about the experience clients and visitors will have as soon as they open the door.

By going the extra mile we hope to convey a point of difference in us as an agency. We want to show people that we care and that our brand stands for something; it has shaped us as a team and as an agency. This was my gift to the team, our clients and visitors.

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