31st May 2018

Our ideal clients for agency partnerships

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Lauren Irwin

Our ideal clients for agency partnerships

Do exceptional work for exceptional people

As an agency who champions a user centric approach to marketing, we work with our clients to help them identify and articulate their target user, develop their audience personas and understand their audience groups’ needs and frustrations.

This means that we can develop materials, whether that be a website, a campaign or a piece of literature, that is focused on what the user needs and not what the client thinks they want.

During our own recent rebrand and the redesign and redevelopment of our website we followed the same methodology - who are we speaking to, what do they want from an agency, what are their pain-points. Unsurprisingly our core audiences include marketing directors (SMEs), company owners (entrepreneurs and small businesses) and members of marketing teams (corporates) who want to develop their brand or digital presence.

… but then we came to a bit of a stand still!

As an agency we are (very deliberately) non sector specific - our clients range from big pharma to health and beauty, food and drink to architecture and construction. Our clients are non size specific (from entrepreneurs and high growth start-ups to multi-billion pound groups, we’ve got them all covered) and non geographic (we work with clients all over the country).

So how do we go about identifying and finding our ideal client; our target audience, and selecting and adopting the strategies needed to engage them?

The result was actually surprisingly simple and comes directly from our own internal culture and belief system - do exceptional work for exceptional people. To us good isn’t good enough - we want to make a difference and add real value - every day, every client, every project.

This is only achievable if we are working with clients who trust us completely, who give us the freedom to explore, experiment and push boundaries and above all who allow us to challenge them. If we think something can be done better then we voice it, because to us making a difference matters. Not everyone wants that from their agency and that’s fine! We accept that we’re not the right fit for everybody.

We’ve learnt over time that we do our best work when we have a true partnership with our clients. When we are encouraged to be a partner and not a supplier we become as invested in our clients business as they are, because to us their success is our success. And that’s when the magic happens.

Our ideal client?

For us our target audience comes down to a mentality, their approach to marketing (and business) and an internal culture, not a demographic. If you’re on the look-out for an agency that works as a partner and not a supplier, who don’t (and never will) just say yes and who are passionate about making a difference, we’d love to hear from you.

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