2nd June 2020

Jamie's top-notch design inspiration #3

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It’s a strange time right now. No matter where you are in the world, the Coronavirus pandemic has probably affected you in some way. One thing I think we can all take away from this is to not take things for granted - whether it be family, friends, travelling or work.

I miss eating out a LOT. Not enough to make me join the inevitable queue of idiots waiting for a McDonald’s Drive-Thru for hours when it finally opens nationwide. But enough to make me thoroughly excited for when I can finally go to a restaurant and enjoy some good company, delicious food, and a smooth pint of Guinness to wash it all down (and also a menu I don’t have to read as a PDF).

I've been looking at my favourite (top-notch) design inspiration over the last few months. New to the series? You'll find volume one on vegetarian and vegan packaging design and two full of bespoke illustration, but it's time to take a look at my one true love; food, glorious food.

KS 3
Jamie's top-notch design inspiration #3
KS 4
Jamie's top-notch design inspiration #3

Designed by the team at Kindly Made, an agency who work hard to achieve strong, ethical solutions. Karma Shoarma is an award-winning plant-based kebab brand from the Netherlands. The brand had grown in such a way that the original design was no longer keeping up with the way the business was expanding. The identity had previously been described as ‘remarkable’ and ‘rebellious’, which were important keywords to keep within the new brand identity. It was also massively favoured by men, so it was important to create a more feminine colour palette without disturbing from the quirky, rough brand identity.

Whoever said that pink is a gendered colour?

T 2
T 3
T 5
T 4

Fancy something a little more exquisite? Tamarind was the first Indian restaurant in London to receive a Michelin star. They wanted to refresh the menu, interiors and brand identity with something more light and feminine. The logo and typeface reflect the thick/thin flower stems and the menu uses delicate, translucent paper to reveal the floral shapes. This floral visual language is heavily inspired by the Holi festival and smoke from the Tandoor. Designed by Dutchscot, a forward-thinking design agency based in London.

375 2
375 5
375 3
Jamie's top-notch design inspiration #3

Designed by Serious Studio, 375° is a french fry joint in NYC. They use a unique process to make their high-quality fries which involves cooking them three times, at three hundred and seventy-five degrees (who’d have guessed). The aim was to create a brand that matched the urban grit and charm of the area - The Lower East Side. It was heavily influenced by the local street art and cool style of the area.

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