22nd February 2022

We’re celebrating 16 years in business

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Lauren Irwin

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We’re celebrating 16 years in business.

Wow — it feels kind of crazy to say that as we look back, sixteen years to the day when we started our humble beginnings as a digital and brand agency. Back then, we were Retrograffica, and you’d think we’d have learnt our lesson about business names and difficulty in spelling them; that’s Abstrakt with a K, not a C.

Back in the day, Lauren and Marc call to mind a box-sized studio in their spare room and working from the ground up with a single client, networking up to their eyeballs and an income that just about managed to keep them afloat. I find that pretty inspiring when we consider where we are now — post-pandemic, especially — growing an agency together as a team that leans on each other’s strengths and an increasing list of clients we’re shaping progressive partnerships with.

Only six years ago, we fully immersed ourselves into digital, moving away from WordPress and improving our offering with Craft CMS and the arrival of Jamie and Nikki. They were instrumental in levelling up Abstrakt and now support the business as Directors alongside Lauren and Marc.

We’ve come on leaps and bounds, bettering our offering along the way with Lauren (OG) and Robbo (Jamie) joining us to raise the bar further with our creative output and culture too—a huge factor for us when growing the team and maintaining an open, comfortable and collaborative space where everyone feels respected and free to innovate and learn.

In the last six months, Rhys and Mandy joined our small but growing team and empowered Abstrakt to offer more to our clients: more time, more talent and more results, and it’s fair to say it’s as if they’ve been here from the start. It’s corny, it’s cliche, but it’s like seeing your second family stepping through Abstrakt’s doors every day.

One thing that hasn’t changed — we’re determined to ensure it never will — is our ethos. Back in 2006, the about us page read something along the lines of, ‘Retrograffica is a fusion of like-minded professionals with a vision to deliver outstanding creative solutions.’ That’s just as true; we’re all driven, and we pride ourselves on adding value to businesses and always going above and beyond expectations.

It’s been sixteen years of ups and downs, challenges and opportunities. It’s not always been plain sailing, but we’ve learnt a lot along the way—that it’s not the speed at which you grow, it’s the quality of work, the relationships with clients and the strong, creative team behind the brand.

We are Abstrakt, and we’re redefining what you’ve come to expect from a brand and digital agency every single day.

It’s our sixteenth birthday, and it feels sweet.

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