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America Farm has an impressive reputation and a strong base of loyal local customers but struggled to achieve listings in premium retail outlets. Their brand and packaging didn’t stand up to the quality of the product they lovingly produced. They needed an injection of personality, excellence and quality to match their produce.


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Branding, Design, Development

Amf Logo
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CMYK: 10 | 80 | 50 | 0
RGB: 220 | 89 | 115
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HEX: #000000

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HEX: #d20a11

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RGB: 226 | 143 | 38
HEX: #e28e07

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CMYK: 70 | 50 | 100 | 50
RGB: 57 | 69 | 30
HEX: #414a1c

Beefing up the brand

To unite the product and brand, we used elements from the physical estate to draw on the history and story of the farm to ensure it was rooted within the new brand. Our design took inspiration from the stone block which introduces customers to the farm on arrival as well as the animals that are reared there. We represented the flavours of the produce with eye-catching, standout colour choices.


Logo & web body

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packaging & WEB

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No room for missed steaks

Previously the packaging was vacuum packed and the product was tagged with stickers. There was no uniformity and to customers looking for premium produce it looked unsightly and unappetising. The meat needed to remain vacuum packed as it held a longer shelf life, however, we created a sleeve to lift the product from the shelf and give it a bold and noticeable presence amongst its competitors.

Amf Packaging

Digital Design

Never seen herbivore

We created a landing page in the new brand and identity style to ensure consumers had the same experience digitally as they did with the physical product. This brought uniformity to the brand and became the digital space that America Farm now use to help market the brand online.

Amf Mobile

What the client says

"Abstrakt developed a brand and suite of packaging which stacks up against the best of the best."

Adam Connor - Owner - America farm