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A hub for mums + dads to guide them along with the ABC’s of weaning little ones.


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Ella’s is the UK’s number 1 baby food brand and are the pioneering voice of early childhood nutrition.

On a mission to improve children's lives through developing healthy relationships with food, Ella's were looking for a digital agency that would work with them to bring their mission to life digitally, and create the best possible online experiences for their users.

We created a microsite for a campaign called Weanursery, which is a hub of advice, support and knowledge around baby weaning. Working closely with Ella's team to understand the brand, their personas and their current digital pain points, we created the microsite to drive traffic and grow conversions.

Digital Design

Encouraging mums + dads to continue on their journey into baby weaning.

After an initial workshop with Ella’s to get to grips with their different personas, we set about architecting a structure for the microsite that would support each persona, ensuring that they were encouraged to continue on their journey throughout the website.

That meant understanding their needs, how they shopped and what they came to Ella’s for, then tying it all together in a seamless, easy, user experience. As Ella’s brand is child-first, we also spent time addressing the brand style and how that would translate digitally, to still allow for accessibility and conform to best practices for website design. We were able to marry the two together, to create an intuitive design whilst maintaining the brand’s distinctive style.

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Graphic Design

Using the illustrations provided by Ella’s, we designed header images, share cards, content thumbnails and scenes to create a visual that was on brand and a consistent journey between the Weanursery campaign and Ella’s Kitchen. The microsite is peppered with Weanursey specific illustrations to surprise and delight users as they move through the digital journey.

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Mobile first for busy mums + dads to see the content they need fast.

A core area of digital design had been mobile-first and it was the same for web development too. We knew that their users were prominently on mobile and busy mums and dads, so the microsite needed to be fully optimised with quick loading speeds.

We built the website on Craft CMS, which allowed us to maintain the bespoke style of Ella’s brand. It also meant a clean, quick website that was easy for the in-house team to manage content and scale up as the Weanursery grew too. We avoided lazy load text so that the users could get to the content immediately and save time on their already busy lifestyles.

Another important element was ensuring technical SEO across the website was fully optimised. As Ella’s brand tone of voice didn’t always allow for intuitive keywords, we built in separate fields for H1s, wrote SERP friendly meta titles and descriptions, and supported the in-house team on maximising the opportunity to rank with a new domain.

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Ella's Kitchen

Our first project with Abstrakt has been nothing but smooth sailing, with consistent support and a proactive attitude every step of the way. They fully immersed themselves into Ella’s brand and way of working, and we’re super excited to work with Abstrakt on future campaigns. Their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm has been second to none.

Brigitta Carter - Assistant Digital Brand Manager

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