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Dedicated to creating efficiency and social value via the built environment

Scape is a public sector, procurement specialist, supporting the entire lifecycle of the built environment. Offering the fastest, most cost effective route to market, Scape removes the need for their clients to carry out their own procurement and the necessary processes which this involves, which are lengthy and complicated.


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2018 - Present

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Design | Development

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Scape had an established website built on Craft CMS. Having been worked on by multiple agencies over a number of years the site had become fragmented and inconsistent design wise, complicated from a development perspective and difficult for the in-house team to manage in the backend.

Scape needed an agency that could adopt the existing website and work with them as an integral part of their team on an ongoing basis to develop the site to work harder for the business.


User journey mapping

Scape is a complicated and nuanced business with a broad offering and multiple audience groups. The site was trying to be all things to all people, resulting in a lack of clarity on the overall group’s proposition and a confusing experience for the user.

We started the project with an in-depth discovery workshop with the in-house team to agree the site's overall objectives and goals, identify and articulate each audience persona, their motivations and their goals for visiting.

The outputs from this work allowed us to rearchitect the frontend of the website and redesign the navigation to create effective and robust user journeys.



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HEX: #282828

Iterative digital design

As we were working with an existing live site we needed to take an iterative approach to design, starting with the areas that would make the biggest overall impact; the homepage, navigation, header and footer.

Site visitors want to be taken on a journey of discovery and be presented with content that is relevant to their needs, rather than being shown everything from the get-go. We therefore reworked the homepage to be focused at group level and be value proposition oriented, with bite-sized content and strong directional cues to drive users further into the site.

Subsequent design sprints addressed (and are still addressing) other areas of the site to make the templates richer, more intuitive and higher converting.


Components not pages

To ensure as consistent a user experience as possible during the redesign and redevelopment process, we have created a component library. A 'living' document that houses all site components, from font stacks, icons and colours through to full content blocks. As soon as a component is built it is available to apply to any template, so we were able to start layering the new styling across the site from the outset, without the need to redevelop all of the templates in one go.

This agile approach to design allows us to design and build new templates at pace, as we are drawing from an ever growing library of re-usable blocks, meaning that design becomes increasingly efficient as the project progresses.


Sprint based development

As with the design, development for Scape's project is sprint based and agile.

As we were not redeveloping the site from scratch, we needed to use the sites existing backend structure and historical build tools, both of which are were dated and convoluted. As we create new sections of the site, we are breaking them out of the previous backend structure, so we can retire the redundant code as we go. With each sprint we are working towards the migration of the site onto Craft 3, with a clean code base and modern built tools.


Bespoke development

Scape’s offering is broad and for new visitors can be complicated to navigate. In addition, the services that a potential client can access is oftentimes dependent on their geographical region. We therefore used a combination of Algolia and bespoke development to develop a highly intuitive ‘smart search’ tool, which delivers dynamic content based on both the users search term and their location within the UK.

The smart search tool allows us to serve up content (whether it be a service, a team member, a case study or a news item) that is relevant to the users needs, personalising the experience for each and every user in a powerful and intelligent way.

Find out more about Algolia and how it helps make a huge impact to the experience of users and conversion of customers.


What the client says

Abstrakt give me absolute confidence; when they say they are going to deliver, you can take them at their word… and their quality standards are truly exceptional.

Matt Carrington-Moore - Chief Strategy Officer - Scape Group