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Constructing a partnership

In the beginning, Taylor Maxwell came to us looking to refresh their current range of brochures and as we began to work alongside them, we took on the redesign and build of their Facades website too. Taylor Maxwell had a broad audience and that meant the website needed to work hard for them across different industries, but be tailored to each and every persona.


Taylor Maxwell


2017 - Present

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Branding, Design, Development

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Keeping it timeless

Taylor Maxwell already had a strong brand positioning them as industry leaders but it’d become tired and no longer gave them the stand out presence they deserved. We cleaned up their logo marquee to ensure they were being recognised as Taylor Maxwell and not TM. It gave the brand a stronger impact whilst resonating with the architectural industry with its bold, polished simplicity and striking symmetry.

When it came to colour we wanted to keep the website timeless. We used black and white to elevate the incredible architectural photography by creating a simple yet classic canvas to let the building facades standout on their own. We continued to celebrate the blue accent that had become an easy identifier for Taylor Maxwell and gave it a new lease of life breathing direction into the website’s call to actions.

Tm Brochure


Inspiring future builds

With two previous versions, Taylor Maxwell’s brochures had become a mainstay of the industry and a reference point for architects and specifiers, but they existed alongside a slew of individual product catalogues which had become fragmented in their design and approach. We took on the task of combining a traditional ‘coffee table’ book with stunning photography of case studies and incorporated the detail and product specific information found in the catalogues.

This enabled the sales team to take one piece of literature with them and have it contain enough information to inspire architects and inform specifiers. It was fundamental that the brochures and website were no longer separate experiences.

Tm Brochure 2
Planning for the audience. 

Digital Design

Maximising the space

Due to Taylor Maxwell’s range of industries and personas, we went through a thorough planning process to ensure the website was audience led. It needed to be inspirational for architects but informative for contractors, whilst creating an equal level of user-centric journeys. The website now works hard for each individual audience and the brick patterned design alongside slick transitional functionality, makes for an engaging website experience.

From inspiring project pages that commend captivating building design to the technical and informative specifics of the products, Taylor Maxwell have now digitally set themselves apart as leaders in Facades.

Tm Website Planning

Digital Design

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Increase in page views
Increase in direct leads
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What the client says

"Abstrakt guide and work with us every step of the way and we now have a website that is really performing for our business."

Robbie Thompson - Business Development and Marketing Director - Taylor Maxwell