22nd February 2021

Our fifteenth milestone

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Our fifteenth milestone

The traditional gift for a 15 year anniversary is crystal. If we had a crystal ball we might have been able to foresee a couple of things. You know what we’re talking about. However, what we didn’t envisage way back when, was where we’d find ourselves now; as a business with an extraordinary and invaluable team. Clients we could never have dreamed of. A studio in the Lace Market that we call our second home. The bursting community of creativity in Nottingham.

15 years ago it was just Lauren and Marc, an old iMac, a big vision and a strong desire to be better for businesses. To add value. Be our clients’ biggest advocates. To never be arrogant and always remember our humble beginnings and even as we’ve grown, we’ve always maintained that ethos; to do our very best work, every single day. We keep ourselves firmly grounded with the frequent reminder that we’re only as good as our last project and our latest feedback.

Fast forward a decade and a half. Today Abstrakt is one of Nottingham’s top agencies. We work with lots of wonderful businesses, many of whom we call friends as well as clients and our team is made up of an extraordinarily passionate group of people who genuinely want to do and be the best they can be, for themselves, for each other, for the agency and for our clients.

Today marks 15 years of redefining what you’ve come to expect from a brand and digital agency. We believe we’re doing that. Being different. Pushing the limitations of ‘you, client, us, agency’ - when working together has been the key all along.

We are programmed to always think ahead - what’s coming up on the to-do list, what’s the next goal, where next. As an agency, we always do look to the future - how can we be better, where can we add more value, what else can we bring to the table.

But once in a while, it's important to remember where you started, where you came from, where it all began. And in those moments you realise how much you have achieved. Happy 15th birthday Abstrakt.

Our fifteenth milestone

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