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Recognising the potential in every project and product, Certa supports businesses without in-house expertise or demand for external resources in end-to-end design and engineering.

Certa specialises in creating bespoke designs that push the limits of what is mechanically and technically possible. Their extensive experience and knowledge turn theoretical ideas into practical and usable mechanisms across a broad range of industries and applications.

Whilst a logo and website were already in place, Certa wanted to position the brand to suit its proposition and represent the progressive values and the quality ensured with all of their projects, across brand, design and website build, bringing a clean and modern look and feel to all channels.

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Committed to quality and attention to detail.

Whilst Certa had an established logo, they didn't have a brand identity, which gives the narrative to both visual and verbal positioning of any brand. After an initial workshop to understand how to position Certa, we wrote the brand language that formed the visual identity and paved the way for establishing the simple, clean and modern brand feel based on the brand's voice.

Using a colour palette of black, white and grey elevates the conceptual designs, framing them without taking away from their significance and allowing them to simply speak for themselves. The typography is influenced by its stylistic, geometric feel and we purposefully chose URW DIN, known for its intentionally unrefined and primitive look, as if it were created by an engineer rather than a designer. This reflects the intricate and detailed facets of the overall sense of the brand and its commitment.

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The website design is as deliberately stripped back as the brand so that website users can focus on the conceptual renders. It was important for products to fill the space, showcasing Certa's ability to make the impossible possible through technical consideration, precision and attention to detail. That detail that is matched in custom icons reinforcing the bespoke experience they offer and proves the ease of the process with a responsive, easily navigable menu that follows a user every step of the way.

The website was built with Craft 3 to allow for an entirely tailored and unique design to match Certa's custom-made solutions. Its intuitive backend makes it super easy to add future content to the website, with slick page optimisation for high quality renders and images to display Certa's work. Animations and transitions were pulled back to the navigable menu and call to actions to always keep the focus on the product - with an added surprise and delight option to switch from light to dark mode.

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The Abstrakt team did an amazing job developing our brand identity and website. From the beginning, they were in tune with our vision and really excelled in bringing everything together!

Jordan Jackson - Director & Founder - Certa

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