Craft 3 rebuild and redesign for better user experience


A bespoke rebuild and redesign for a quality manufacturer.


Long Eaton Sofas



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Long Eaton Sofas® is a family-owned, family-run business, which has been producing fine hand-made furniture for almost 30 years.

Their success has been built on making beautiful British made furniture for thousands of satisfied customers who are happy to recommend them to their friends and family. Combining modern technology with traditional craftsmanship, they produce upholstery that can stand beside any luxury furniture made anywhere in the world but at a price that most people can afford.

However, their website didn’t reflect the quality, bespoke and stunning craftsmanship of their furniture - with a clunky hard to navigate and manage backend. They needed an agency that could refresh their website homepage design and navigation, and rebuild their current set up on Craft 3 to ensure content management was simple and effortless in the future.

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Colour palette & Typography

The introduction of minimal clean white space and a pastel colour palette - inspired by fabrics within their range - meant that colours could accompany product imagery and showcase the product in a sophisticated, professional light whilst allowing the product itself to shine. Typography was updated to establish fonts associated with the brand that was elegant and modern but could stand up against the intricate lines of the furniture. Freight Pro offered style and refinement, whilst Soleil gives a smoother, accessible edge to the heavier body copy.

Freight Big Pro

Freight Big Pro




During the process of adopting and migrating Long Eaton Sofas® onto Craft 3, it allowed for an opportunity to update areas of the website that would offer a better user experience.

Taking elements from the newly designed homepage, we were able to apply spacing, text and button styling, call to actions and other components across the website, to freshen up the design without the immediate need for a redesign of every template.

Introducing illustrative sketches helped to visualise the fact that everything is done in house, taking a product from an initial sketch to a full product, reflecting the journey that is taken alongside the exceptional craftsmanship.

Previously, one of the biggest pain points for Long Eaton Sofas® was the backend relationships and content management of their site. It was a struggle to update content and whilst migrating to Craft 3, we reworked content relationships to ensure a more efficient, intuitive and super easy interface to use.

Long Eaton Sofas CS 3
Long Eaton Sofas CS 1
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Since relaunching the website on Craft 3, with its new homepage and navigation, we've seen some incredible improvements from March 2021 across the site's analytics...


reduction in bounce rate


increase in new users


increase in page views

John Campbell, Managing Director, said "Most business analysis takes place when things are going wrong and rarely does a business analyse what is going right. Therefore, it is tempting to follow the mantra of “if it isn’t broke do not try and fix it.” When our website needed upgrading to the latest Craft software, we were fortunate to have the opportunity of meeting with Lauren and her creative team. Their professional approach in analysing our website, redesigning its key features and upgrading to the latest CMS software to improve functionality was very inspiring and gave us the confidence that significant improvements could be made."

The finished result is stunning and the resulting performance of the site in producing conversions is nothing short of amazing. Thank you Lauren and your talented team!

John Campbell - Managing Director - Long Eaton Sofas®

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