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Fletchergate Industries, the creative minds behind a string of popular and ingenious venues around Nottingham, has proudly introduced their latest venture in the heart of Beeston.

An unexpected and fortunate discovery, The Beeston Social combines the old with the new in an eccentric yet industrial outpouring of quirky, evocative interior design that traverses across its food and drinks menu and Fletchergate's love for an arcade.

They appointed Abstrakt as their digital agency to design and build a website that parallels the physical space: bold, playful and curiously of a different era with a contemporary twist. The venue and website evolved together to create a playful digital take on their brand’s digital presence.

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The evolution of The Beeston Social began with a suite of brand assets that we disassembled across the website to develop them for digital. As a user moves through the website, we wanted to unravel the venue's playful, fun and bold attributes—this ensured it's always unmistakably The Beeston Social's unique vibe with a more engaging and interactive website, much the same as the physical space.

We adapted the brand assets we received to meet web standards and to guarantee accessibility so that all users feel comfortable using the site. A mobile-first approach for the audience, too, as website users would predominantly be accessing it from their mobile devices. In development, we brought the website to life with micro-interactions, from a navigation bar that follows users down the page for quick movement around the site to the quirky loads of assets.

That’s why the menu pages were crucial for this project. In a digital world, we’re moving away from a desire to download clunky PDFs, whereas the digital menu is a tabbed webpage that seamlessly loads the food and drinks menu. Perfect for users discovering the venue online or quickly checking the menu while seated. The digital menu means that the marketing team can make quick changes to the menu without needing a designer to update a PDF and reupload it to the website—not to mention a faster user experience.

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Working with Abstrakt has been breath of fresh air. Constant communication, realistic timelines and quality work throughout. They brought our ideas & brand assets to life, creating the perfect aesthetic for The Beeston Social, whilst implementing their deep understanding of user experience.

Moving forward, we’re thrilled to count Abstrakt as a long-term partner as we expand the business.

Martyn Cooling - Head of Brand & Marketing - Fletchergate Industries

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